Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Nurses, Doctors, OT’s In Ireland, Spain And Portugal – UK Wants YOU!

Cynthia Barker writes...Concept Care Solutions, the London based medical recruitment specialists, has been to Madrid, Lisbon, Porto, Zagreb, Sofia, Dublin, Sligo, Cork and Galway in the last few months recruiting Nurses, Doctors, AHP’s and Care Workers for UK job vacancies in the NHS!

I was with Concept Care’s international team at the weekend attending the MedPharm Recruitment Job Fair for Nurses, Doctors, AHP's and Carers in Barcelona and Madrid - and the roadshow rolled on to other EU countries.

In addition to meeting many great Spanish Nurses and Doctors, we also touched base with the Filipino community in Spain. There are around 25,000 Pinoys in Barcelona alone, most of them working in low paid jobs as domestic helpers or private carers. 

Sadly, it is very difficult for Filipinos to practice their real professions, for instance in nursing or medicine, as our former colonial masters do not accept Philippine Degrees or professional qualifications at face value. I met large numbers of Filipino trained nurses and PT's struggling to make ends meet - not even receiving a regular salary, despite the fact that they are Spanish passport holders (see photo below).

I advised them that if they move to London, Concept has hundreds of job vacancies for Nurses, Live-in Carers, Doctors, OT's and Radiographers. As Spanish citizens they are free to work anywhere within the EU under free movement directives.

Concept Care, who do not charge any placement fees, help candidates with accommodation, NMC registration and offer free training.

We were delighted that Honorary Consul General Jordi Roches took time out of his busy schedule to visit our job stand in Barcelona - pictured below with, from left to right, Charles Kelly, Marketing and Recruitment Manager, Cynthia Barker and Concept’s Director Edith Fongho.

The next day Jordi had to fly to the Philippine Embassy in Madrid to meet President Aquino who was visiting Spain last weekend.

The recruitment job fair was a great success, but we discovered that due to the troubled economy, hundreds of Spanish-Filipino citizens would like to try their luck in London where there are 1000's of jobs for nurses and care workers! 

Whilst in Madrid, I took time out to pay my respect to the Philippine Embassy and to meet the Labor Attaché, Ma. Elvira  Ador (pictured below centre with Charles Kelly and Cynthia Barker).

Marketing and Recruitment Manager Charles Kelly went back to his 'roots' in Ireland last weekend taking in Sligo, Galway and Dublin looking for Irish nurses.

Concept will be talking a team from a top London hospital to interview nurses in Dublin at the Ballsbridge Hotel on 13 February 2015.

If you are an EU passport holder living in Ireland, Spain, Portugal or within the EEA and would like to work in the UK email Charles Kelly at Concept Care Solutions -  - with your CV.

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