Thursday, July 24, 2014

To Secure Your Future in The UK Only Use A Qualified OISC Immigration Adviser

Cynthia Barker writes…Make sure you use a legal, OISC registered qualified immigration adviser for immigration advice to secure your future in the UK. I've been warning migrants to stay away from illegal, fake immigration advisers for years, yet I still hear stories of migrants being ripped off by crooks.

The OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) regulates immigration advisers in the UK. Advisers have to train, pass exams and carry out CPD to keep up with changes in the Immigration Rules. 

You can check the OISC adviser finder to make sure your adviser is registered and qualified at the correct level - for instance, only level 3 firms can handle appeals, bail hearings or detention cases.

It is illegal to give immigration advice in the UK unless you are qualified and registered with one of the regulatory bodies, such as the OISC or Bar Council.

Lawyers can give advice, but often lack the specialist knowledge of the UK Immigration Rules and guidance, which the Home Office change every five minutes!

My Solicitor can tell me everything I need to know about buying a house or making a Will, but would know nothing about lodging a visa appeal against a visa an immigration refusal or how to help an overstayer who has been detained by the Home Office and is about to be deported form the UK.

He would not even attempt to draft an application for indefinite leave to remain, UK citizenship or a spouse visa for an EEA national’s non-EU partner.

By the same token, when I see a client who also needs specialist advice on an employment matter or divorce, I refer them to the right lawyer.

In one case an abused domestic worker for a Middle Eastern family won an out of court settlement of £140,000! He came to me for immigration advice, but we identified further issues with the terms of his employment.

Finally, remember that the fake immigration adviser, or someone pretending to be a lawyer or barrister, will only tell you what you want to hear – they feed on the fact that many of you will believe anything because you want to remain in the UK. Migrants, especially those who have overstayed their visa, are vulnerable and desperate and easy prey for the criminals who steal their money and often never even submit an application to the Home Office.

If you have been affected by Home Office changes or need advice on any immigration matter, including overstaying your visa, EU or UK immigration law, or want to appeal against a refusal, call Cynthia Barker on 07850 307687 or 0208 731 5972 or email her your details to Cynthia Barker is a qualified OISC Registered Immigration Adviser, with 15 years experience in immigration matters, with a team of Level 3 Immigration Law Practitioners, Concept Care Solutions, Middlesex House, 29-45 High Street, Edgware, HA8 7UU.

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