Friday, May 16, 2014

Concept Care Solutions Awarded Contract Place On NHS Framework To Supply International Nurses

Cynthia Barker writes...Great news for overseas nurses! Following my blog last week: 'job opportunities for Filipino nurses', Concept Care Solutions has this week been appointed onto the LPP 'Lot 5 Framework' suppliers list to recruit international nurses for NHS Trusts.

LPP, or London Procurement Partnership, is the official body which handles the international nurse recruitment tendering process for multi-region NHS hospitals.

Commenting on the award of the new national framework agreement for the provision of nursing and nursing related staff to the NHS, the heads of four leading NHS procurement organisations said:

“We are pleased to confirm the establishment of a new framework agreement for the provision of nursing and nursing related staff, for use by NHS organisations located across England. The agreement came into effect from 14th May 2014. The agreement is the output of a ground-breaking joint collaborative initiative undertaken by four NHS procurement organisations: NHS London Procurement Partnership (LPP), North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC), NHS Commercial Solutions and East of England NHS Collaborative Procurement Hub. We believe that by working together, and combining national buying power with our strong regional and local engagement, we have been able to deliver a highly competitive agreement that really meets the needs of the NHS. We look forward to working with the appointed supplier organisations to ensure the cost effective delivery of these services to the NHS.”      

The LPP was formed by NHS Trusts to centrally maximize its multi-billion pound purchasing power and ensure that suppliers are fully vetted and meet UK government standards.

Marketing Director, Charles Kelly, was delighted with the new contract and congratulated Concept Care team for all their hard work during the tendering process:

"This is fantastic news and well done to all the staff at Concept Care Solutions for the outstanding work in winning another contract to supply international nurses to the NHS.

"In particular, our Director Edith Fongho, has spent endless hours and sleepless nights working on the Lot LPP Framework bid for international recruitment.

"This means that as an approved supplier the Concept Care has been thoroughly vetted can help NHS Trusts all over the country recruit nurses from EU countries, such as Spain or Romania, as well as non-EU countries like the Philippines and India where there is an abundance of highly qualified nurses waiting for a chance to work abroad."

In a former life, I started a company in 1998 which went on to recruit thousands of nurses and senior carers from all over the world including: The Philippines, India, Africa, Middle East, China, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain and many others.

Like now, the NHS were desperately short of nurses and care assistants and the only way to fill those vacancies quickly, and ensure patient safety, was to recruit from overseas.

Within a few years thousands of nurses were boarding flights to work in the UK, with their NMC Decision Letters, Work Permits and dreams of a better life in the west.

The bonanza eventually came to an end around 2007, when the government started to restrict immigration from non-EU countries following mass immigration from Eastern European countries such as Poland and Romania.

But everything comes in cycles and once again the NHS and care homes will be recruiting qualified nurses from abroad to help fill nurse job vacancies in UK hospitals.

I will be going through the requirements for working as a nurse in the UK next week, so keep reading Diary of an Immigration Adviser and check out Concept's website for job opportunities in care.

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