Saturday, May 24, 2014

UK Needs Migrant Workers

Cynthia Barker writes...It's bank holiday weekend in the UK, so no work on Monday, even for a busy immigration adviser! Mind you, I have taken a few cases home to work on over the weekend!

The local election results in England on Thursday showed a rise in popularity for the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP. The party wants a freeze on UK immigration and withdrawal from the European Union, which would mean an end to free movement for millions of EU, EEA and UK citizens.

Whilst UKIP are extremely unlikely to win a general election, Prime Minister David Cameron has promised an in-out referendum on whether or not the UK stays in the EU.

ONS figures released last week show a 43,000 rise in EU immigration, including 23,000 from Romania and Bulgaria.

But with British employers such as the NHS desperately short of nurses, blocking immigration and leaving the EU will not help fill the 20,000 UK nurse job vacancies - not to mention many other medical jobs, catering, cleaning, domestic work, IT and so on...

The NHS are recruiting international nurses again by the way. They have created an LPP 'framework' or preferred suppliers list of 20 agencies to partner with - to keep out the sharks! Concept Care are on the list and are looking for qualified nurses - 2 years experience in hospitals - with NMC registration and IELTS 7.00 right now!

Britain would grind to a halt without the thousands of migrant workers, including those working in the UK illegally, who do the jobs the British workers do not want to do. Without immigrants, the hospitals would not have enough nurses and doctors to care for us, nursing homes would close, restaurants and cafes would run out out of chefs and waiters and the captains of industry would have nobody to run their domestic households.

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