Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3 Tips When Submitting Documents To The Home Office

Cynthia Barker writes...Received a large brown Home Office envelope today. Unfortunately, not the usual type from Sheffield which you know contains a visa approval, but a tatty envelope sealed with sellotape which had come open.

Inside the open envelope were three passports and a bio metric ID card, all loose and all sent in normal second class post. Thank God the contents were all intact and nothing had been lost or stolen (maybe if they had been British passports instead of Filipino passports it would have been a different story!).

I am always amazed at how casual people are when doing their own applications, not just in terms of common mistakes (e.g. not completing questions, not including correct documents) , but also in how they are sent.

Here are three tips when submitting immigration applications or letters to the Home Office.

Tip 1.  - When you send any documents or letters to the Home Office, ALWAYS use Special Delivery post, or at very least Recorded Delivery.

Tip 2.  - ALWAYS keep a photocopy of ALL documents sent, as from time to time documents do go astray.

Tip 3.  - Include a letter with a full list of documents submitted and keep a copy.

May seem obvious, yet surprisingly few people follow these simple steps when dealing with the UK Home Office, and some even withdraw applications just because they need a copy of their passport!

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