Friday, June 20, 2014

How 2 Come to the UK Video

This video was shot in the Philippines during the launch of my book (co-written with Charles Kelly): How 2 Come to the UK to Live, Work, Study or Visit.

The book went on to help thousands of people learn how apply to live in the UK, study in the UK or find a job in the UK.

Since the book was published there have been many changes to the UK Home Office immigration Rules, which is why we are working on a revised and fully updated version of the book!

Nurses (RGN/RMN) are once again in short supply in the UK. Right now, there are 20,000 nurse job vacancies in the UK NHS! Nurses and doctors are in short supply in UK hospitals and care homes, which is why LPP Framework agencies like Concept Care are recruiting nurses from overseas for the NHS this year in a number of countries: Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, India, China, Finland, Latvia, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and the Philippines.

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