Monday, June 9, 2014

Immigration Needed In EU And UK Says Leading Think Tank

Cynthia Barker writes...Hi from 'hot' London, 24 degrees and no aircon! Just read that a leading think-tank has published a report confirming what we already knew: Europe and the UK need immigration to tackle the "millstone" an ageing population.

Wow, these guys must be clever! I only have to look around to see the amount of people on scooters and walking sticks to know that the British population mix is heading for the wrong side of 70.

In the past anyone over 70 was considered 'past it' or 'on his last legs'. Now 80 year old pensioners are playing gold, riding bikes and attending aerobic classes! Many will live to 100.

They are all drawing state pensions paid for directly from the taxes of younger working people like me - that's right, there is no pension 'fund'. Then we have to pay for the sick, unemployable and long term mentally or physically disabled - from our taxes deducted from our working salaries.

Even London Mayor Boris Johnson agrees, going against his Conservative party line, that Britain needs more workers,

Dr Robin Niblett, a leading expert in international relations and director of think-tank Chatham House, said that significant net migration is necessary to keep worker-dependency ratios across the EU at their 2020 levels.

Unlike other parts of the world such as Asia and Africa, almost half of the EU population (48.5%) will be aged 50 or over by 2050, according to Eurostat.

To merely maintain the workforce at 2010 levels, Europe needs immigration of 25 million by 2020.
The UK is already suffering from a labour shortage in the NHS and care industry. The government funded National Health Service (NHS) needs 20,000 nurses to fill advertised vacancies and they are not going to all come from the EU!

Only countries like The Philippines, India and China have a sufficient surplus of qualified specialist nurses to satisfy the demand for nurse job vacancies in the UK.

Concept Care Solutions has this week been appointed onto the LPP 'Lot 5 Framework' suppliers list to recruit international nurses for NHS Trusts, which means Concepts will be recruiting overseas nurses this year.

Hospitals are all running off to sunny Portugal, Greece and Spain to recruit nurses, but eventually they will have to sponsor non-EU nurses to fill those UK job vacancies. 

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