Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Dear Home Office, Why Change SET-O Forms Again - After 2 Months And With No Warning?

Cynthia Barker writes...You won't believe this, the SET-O Home Office forms I completed last week are version April 2014 and literally, this minute, I saw another newer version to be used after 2 June - I will now have to redo 4 X 75-page forms arghhh!


Dear Home Office, it is extremely frustrating that the you change your forms far too often, for a minor alteration and with little or no notice to your customers. 

For example, the SET-O UK settlement form was only just changed in April, when you also increased Home Office immigration fees from 6th April. 

My worry is that a large number of applicants, and some OISC Immigration Advisers, will get caught out by this unexpected 'immediate' change, resulting in a refusal several months down the line. In some cases, visas will have expired, removal notices will be issued resulting in costly appeals being lodged against visa refusals - all because of a minor change.

Can you please be more flexible and allow migrants customers more time to adjust to the changes, or try to limit changes to immigration forms.

Thanking you in advance.


Frustrated Immigration Adviser taking time out to re-complete four 75 page Home Office SET-0 forms!

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