Thursday, June 5, 2014

Worked Until Midnight On UK Settlement Forms With Conflicting Information On Knowledge Of Language And Life In The UK

Cynthia Barker writes...Worked until midnight last night re-writing four 75 page forms, thanks to a last minute change of SET-O forms by the Home Office.

But these things are part of the job of an immigration adviser, where our biggest 'competitor' is not another firm, but the Home Office! 

Immigration Rules are constantly being changed, rarely to the migrant's benefit, websites disappearing, fees increasing and of course visa forms changing every five minutes with little no and NO grace period to use the previous version.

One reason why the Home Office have to keep ‘updating’ their forms is that they are so poorly drafted.
For instance, on page 62 of the settlement (SET-0) forms under the heading ‘Knowledge of language and life in the UK’, the question is written as follows:

“If you have to complete section 4 and you and/or a partner applying with you are aged 18-64, you must provide one of the following for each of you:”

Note the word “one”, because it then goes on to say:

“A Life in the UK test pass notification letter; and

“A relevant speaking and listening qualification, as described in the guidance on our website..." (which takes you to - a ridiculously long link leading to a guidance document for Knowledge of language and life in the UK) - and so it goes round and round!

If the Home Office are asking for one of the following, should the form not state “or” rather than “and”?

In other parts of the form they ask for both language and Life in the UK, and the guidance is also confusing.

Despite all this, the client comes first and they are not really interested that the forms have changed or the Home Office website is down. Frankly, they just want their visa, indefinite leave to remain, UK citizenship or successful appeal against a refusal. That's why they are paying for our services, to get results!

If you need advice on any immigration matter, EU or UK immigration law, or want to appeal against a refusal, call Cynthia Barker on 07850 307687 or 0208 731 5972 or email her your details to Cynthia Barker is a qualified OISC Registered Immigration Adviser, with 15 years experience in immigration matters, with a team of Level 3 Immigration Law Practitioners, Concept Care Solutions, Middlesex House, 29-45 High Street, Edgware, HA8 7UU.

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