Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Unlike Other UK Migrants Football Managers Don't Have to Speak English

Cynthia Barker writes....good morning, just got back to the office from a breakfast networking meeting at the Laura Ashley Hotel in Elstree (not far from where Simon Cowell was brought up). Well, it's a very good morning for Chelsea fans who last night saw their football club reach the semi finals of the Champions league with a last minute goal against French side PSG.

Looking at Chelsea Football Club, made up largely of foreign players and their "special" manager, Portuguese born Jose Mourinho, it made wonder why so many clubs favour overseas players and managers over British born candidates.

There is no doubt that the British Premier League has benefited from the influx of talented - not to mention, fit - players and coaches, although some argue that the national England team (previous managed by two foreign managers) has suffered as a result of lack of English talent coming through the ranks.

But why are so many English clubs managed by overseas managers, when we have excellent British people to do the job? Is it because many clubs are now owned by billionaire foreign owners who simply pay the highest price to buy in overseas staff?

Ok, I'm no football expert, but you only have to watch post match interviews - zzzzzz- on BBC's 'Match of the Day' to see that hardly any clubs employ British managers anymore.

Arsenal, Fulham, Manchester City and Chelsea have not had an English manager for years. And Tottenham are rumored to be looking to replace Borehamwood born Tim Sherwood (who took over from their last foreign manager sacked a couple of months ago) with a Brazilian coach.

Some managers, such as Southampton's Argentinian born Mauricio Pochettino, can barely speak English and are interviewed with the aid of an interpreter!

The point I am making is you need an English language test to enter the UK as a foreign spouse, or on a student visa (even if you are coming here to learn English) or on work permit, or when you are applying for residency (indefinite leave to remain), but football clubs appear to be exempt from the Immigration Rules!

I should also point out that EU and EEA citizens have free movement within the European Union (apart from Croatia) and that English language ability does not apply.

Meanwhile, the NHS and care industry are facing acute staff shortages, with nursing agencies, such as Dolphin Care, unable to cope with demand for nurses and HCA's (Health Care Assistants).

The good news is NHS Trusts are once again starting to recruit qualified nurses from both the EU and countries such as the Philippines - so watch this space.

The fact is, the UK and especially London, could not run without overseas workers. Not just footballers on £200,000 a week, but nurses, doctors, IT workers and cleaners. My God, even Prime Minister David Cameron employs a foreign Nanny! So much for British jobs for British workers!  Ha ha! Get real politicians!

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