Sunday, April 20, 2014

Pope Francis Prays for Migrants in his Easter Message

Cynthia Barker writes...I watched Pope Francis today on television talking about the plight migrants in his Easter message, delivered to thousands of people in St Peters Square in the Vatican, Rome. He said:

"Comfort those who have left their own lands to migrate to places offering hope for a better future and the possibility of living their lives in dignity and, not infrequently, of freely professing their faith."

The 77 year old Argentinian Pope also called attention to people suffering from hunger, war, violence, and disease around the world, asking for peace and reconciliation in different areas of conflict.

Addressing an estimated 150,000 pilgrims the Pope prayed for the people of Syria, Iraq, Israel, Palestine, Nigeria, South Sudan, Venezuela, and Ukraine.

This year the liturgical calender unusually coincides with the Orthodox churches of Greece and Eastern European countries such as Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.

A very Happy Easter to you all, especially those migrants who are separated from their loved ones.

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