Tuesday, April 15, 2014

UK is a Land of Opportunity for Jobs and Free Courses

Cynthia Barker writes...Good morning on another gorgeous sunny day in London! I have to mention the weather as we don't get too much sun here, which is why the British people are always complaining about it.

Apart from the weather, there shouldn't be too much to complain about if you live in a 'land of opportunity' like the UK, should there?

In theory, no, yet the fact is so many British born people spend half their lives moaning about Britain and complaining about the lack of opportunity!

Yes, it's true, some Brits cannot see all the opportunities they have to progress and are not even grateful for being fortunate enough to have been born in one of the greatest countries on earth. Shame on you.

Try telling that to the guy who hangs on to the axle of a lorry just to set foot on British soil, or the family which spends thousands of pounds applying for permanent residency (ILR) or British citizenship - just to remain in the UK indefinitely.

There are millions of jobs in the UK and, if you lack work based skills, thousands of free vocational courses and inexpensive online courses.

London Cactus College has just announced another load of free Health and Social Care courses where employers and employees can take anything from a 1 day Dementia Awareness course to an NVQ/QCF at level 2, 3 or 5, right up to a Level 7 Diploma - which gives you 67 credits towards a full Bachelors Degree or Masters!

Health and Social Care is one of those industries that will never go 'out of fashion', and hospitals, care homes and domiciliary care providers will always need people - not machines - to look after sick, elderly and mentally ill clients.

There is now a huge shortage of carers and nurses in the UK and it's only a matter of time before international mass recruitment will have to take place in countries like the Philippines - where there is a surplus of nurses and care givers.

Come on all you people looking for jobs or a new secure career, what are you waiting for?

Some EU funded, courses are are also open to EU or EEA nationals from countries such as Spain, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia. Newest EU members, Croatians are restricted from working in the UK, but can work and study on a yellow card permit. After one year they can apply for permanent residence or blue card.

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  1. I have applied for 514 jobs,,,,Had 5 replies

    1. There are hundreds of thousands of job vacancies in the UK. Have you thought about your approach?