Monday, April 28, 2014

Home Office Approves UK Visa for Jamaican Kidney Donor - eventually

Cynthia Barker writes...Good morning from a cloudy Monday in in London. The Home Office finally approved a UK visa application for Keiha Rusthton, the Jamaican Sister of Oliver Cameron, who is suffering from Kidney failure in Britain and will die unless he is matched with a Kidney Donor.

Oliver Cameron, from Stoke Newington in north-east London, has to undergo dialysis three times a day and has been off work for two years whilst awaiting a donor.

His sister is a perfect donor match, was refused a visa to travel to the UK from Jamaica to donate the organ because Home Office entry clearance officer (ECO) felt she would not return home or overstay her visa.

Following a blaze of publicity, the Home Office has since reversed the decision and Keiha has arrived in the UK.

She told BBC News that she has no intentions of overstaying her visa in the UK and has a life back in Jamaica where she has 7 children and a fiance.

British Embassy ECO's are always cautious about issuing visitor visas to applicants from poorer countries where there is little financial incentive to return home before their visa expires.

In this case, what if the donor, god forbid, developed complications and need further treatment? How would it look if the Home Office tried to deport her while she was sick and would die back home?

Whilst I'm sure she has no intentions of remaining in the UK any longer than her visa term, the Home Office has probably had past experience where similar cases have turned into appeals and human rights campaigns to remain in the UK. Many Tier 4 students have come in on temporary student visas and then stayed on in the UK after getting married or having a child, although that was not their original intention when they submitted their visa application.

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